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Quality Like No Other.

Acrylic Denture

Acrylic Dentures


Using the best martials combined with the specialist knowledge of our dental technicians, we provide functional & aesthetically pleasing denture solutions for your patients.  

Implant Retained Over Denture using Locator Rtx and Ball End Attachment

Implant Retained Over-Dentures


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Cobalt Chrome Framework - Removable Metal Denture

Chrome Frameworks


We use two different types of alloys for our Chrome framework castings. NHS cases are cast in SheraLit, and private cases are cast in Vitallium

All on 4 fixed bridge / denture

All-On-4 / Hybrid



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Valplast Flexible Partial Denture

Valplast™ Dentures


Flexible partial dentures using authentic Valplast™ material. Possibly one of the most comfortable alternatives to acrylic dentures for your patients.

Mouth guard, Bleaching tray, whitening tray, sports guard, retainers

Vacuum Formed



Mouth Guards / Sports Guards / Retainers / Bleaching Trays.

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