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Acrylic Dentures

NHS Denture

NHS Dentures


Our NHS denture service is a cost-effective solution ideal for NHS patients. We use standard acrylic with two-layered standard teeth.

  • Standard  acrylic

  • Yamahachi or Delphic V  teeth

  • Fitted onto duplicate model (when necessary)

Acrylic Denture

Private Dentures


Our Private Denture Service is ideal for those patients who are looking for the most natrual, aesthetically pleasing dental restoration. With a range of acrylics and teeth to choose from, our technicians will work closely with you every step f the way in order to meet your patients' expectations. 

  • High-Impact acrylic (upon request)

  • 4Natur/ Vita MFT or Enigmalife denture teeth

  • Naturally festooned and stippled

  • Fitted onto duplicate model (most cases)

  • Denture box & packaging provided

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